Licensed Therapist and Certified Yoga Therapy

Addiction Recovery

We work with individuals already in recovery from drugs and alcohol or process addictions (sex and love, food, shopping, overexercise, etc) If you are in the early stages of recovery, we can help you navigate next steps and locate best treatment options for you whether that be; detox, inpatient or residential treatment, or partial-hospitalization/intensive outpatient treatment programs in your place of residence. We adopt an “all avenues wellness approach” when is comes to addiction recovery.  Whether is be the 12-Step Program, Smart Recovery, Dharma Recovery, Yoga, and the 12-Steps, etc.

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We all have some types of trauma in our past, whether is be little “t” traumas (relationship’s ending, a move, change in job) or big “T” traumas (medical illness, abuse/ assault, natural disasters, war). We will help you navigate healing from these and develop skills to self-regulate the nervous system. We will focus on how these events impact you today and practice coping skills and awareness to signal to the nervous system that you are safe.

Anxiety / Stress / Burnout

Are you having a hard time navigating intrusive thoughts or constant worrying? We will identify ways to challenge problematic thought patterns by taking a “yes and” approach, noticing ways in which we lead with our emotion mind versus our logical mind versus our wise mind

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Group Therapy

Check in for the latest Group Therapy offerings. 

Groups we have done.

Our Psychology training and Yoga training allows us to give you additional tools to leave each session with the ability to practice daily on your own